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‘Warm heart’ promotional campaign



In 2018, ValueProof started working with the Dutch TV and radio broadcaster KRO-NCRV on the ‘Warm Heart’ promotion. During this campaign, volunteers were to compete for substantial prize money for their charity. It was to be an annual event in which the broadcaster shows its appreciation and gives something back to its supporters, people who are often socially engaged. Another important goal of the campaign is to recruit new supporters.


Several activities were developed for the campaign to increase conversion. This included a workshop and personalized toolkit to help competitors win votes for their charity. And an e-mailing to encourage voters to become supporters of the broadcaster too. For every voter who became a supporter, KRO-NCRV promised to donate €10 to the charity they voted for.


In 2019, 80 charities had already applied to be part of the competition. ValueProof is confident that the 80,000 votes cast could still be increased, and that extra campaign activities will lead to more conversion. The prize was presented during the “Night of the Proms”, a popular event in the Netherlands.


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Wendy Böhm