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Without a plan, you can’t measure success. Using a practical model, the ValueProof 6C method, our consultant works together with your team to develop a detailed strategy in 6 steps. The 6C method has been specially developed to address strategic marketing and sales issues within your business.

The appropriate experts from ValueProof Creative will engage at the required stages of the process to translate the strategy directly into the relevant tools and media. Our team is therefore as large –  or as small – as the project stage requires.

Six steps to better results

We deploy the 6C model, or parts of it, according to your needs. The six steps that make up the model are as follows:


A quick situation analysis, which clarifies your direction and objectives. How do you currently communicate the vision and strategy of your organization? By asking critical questions about the current marketing strategy, we jointly determine where and how improvements can be made.

Typical projects that are relevant at this stage:


Do you have difficulty fully comprehending and engaging with your customers because, for example, of a variety of DMUs? If so, we will work with your team on ‘C’ for customer. Because you only get real interaction with your customers when you really understand what they need.

We regularly work with our clients on:


You know who your clients are, but which content is relevant to which client? Which promise do you direct to which client? This section is about developing a blueprint for your future communication.

This involves working together on:


If you know where your client and target group look for information, and how they search for it, you can effectively choose your communication channels.

We tackle this choice-process in a structured way, by applying Multi Channel Marketing. This identifies, per target group, which message should reach your customers, when, and through which channel.


When setting up campaigns, we ensure that all the Cs are deployed together – from Check to Capabilities.

We develop the required, campaign resources with the help of our ValueProof Creative specialists


This involves setting up dashboards to measure, report and fine-tune the results of the implemented campaigns. We define the tools that we will use, configure the required organizational resource and choose who to work with. We’re always driven by the challenge of how to improve our every day performance.

An example of this is setting up a CRM strategy with Veeva Marketing Technology.

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