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Multichannel Marketing

Want to quickly identify the pain points in your Business – or specifically in Marketing or Sales?
We offer two, pressure-cooker sessions to work through the 6Cs of our multichannel marketing strategy together with your team; from Personas to Customer Journey, Targeted Communication and Touch-Point Flows. The outcome forms the basis of a strategic roadmap.


Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

Because we apply the 6C method  for multichannel marketing in a short period of time, you benefit from:

  • A quick situation analysis – providing clarity on your direction and objectives;
  • A quick overview of the characteristics, needs and channel preferences of the various target groups identified by your organization;
  • Insight into the customer experiences of the various customer profiles – and points of departure for improvement;
  • A rational approach to Marketing and Sales activities.


Wendy Böhm

Wendy Böhm


“I find, that when you’re an optimist, life has a funny way of looking after you.”
– Simon Sinek

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