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Value based sales

Hoya Vision lenses for glasses


When President Macron announced his intention to make French eye, mouth and hearing care better and more affordable, Hoya Vision, a leading global manufacturer of lenses for glasses, got in touch with ValueProof. The question the European office put to us: how can Hoya use its sales force to best serve French opticians as its market is set to get smaller?


ValueProof created a storyline for the sales force that enables them to have more in-depth discussions with opticians. It was turned into an e-detailer that the sales reps now use. A tool like this, with interactive questions, gets valuable information from the customer which then gives the rep the opportunity to offer an appropriate product.


Hoya gained better insights into the challenges, as well as a suitable solution for its customers. The impact of the e-detailer was clear from the start, as it could also provide metrics. You could see how often it was turned on, from which location, and which parts of the content were used the most.


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Tim Pellens
Managing Partner