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Maximize impact event



Hologic, a global healthcare and diagnostics company, engaged ValueProof to ensure optimal impact is achieved for the Hologic Benelux Molecular Day.


ValueProof went to work and developed an event touchpoint communication flow in which extra contact moments were created with the (potential) customer before and after the event. They received a few emails prior to the event. On the day itself we made (mood) video recordings of the various presentations. We interviewed and filmed several visitors ourselves, which resulted in nice quotes. A day-after video was posted on LinkedIn and sent to the visitors. The photos of the day were used for a thank-you e-mail to the visitors a few days after the event.


The Hologic Benelux Molecular Day turned out to be a great success! Visitors were enthusiastic and actively participated in the program. They also responded positively to the various contact moments. From these, the account managers made follow-up appointments.


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Wendy Böhm