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Communications strategy

UCB and Sint-Maartenskliniek


Multinational biopharmaceutical company UCB came to ValueProof with a brief that was twofold: how can we make our AVA injection device more suitable for the way specialists prescribe medication at the Sint-Maartenskliniek hospital? Plus: now that the majority of hospital communications are electronic, how can the Sint-Maartenskliniek be better attuned to the needs of patients with rheumatic and haematological conditions? UCB and the hospital have a good working relationship, and it was a perfect opportunity for UCB to discuss this shared challenge with ValueProof.


ValueProof talked to a hospital team that included rheumatologists, pharmacists and nurse specialists. We then developed personas and mapped the communications process, from the first consultation up to treatment reviews. This indicated where improvements could be made to that process. It became clear that there were opportunities in the waiting stage –
the period between consultation and diagnosis. This was also interesting for UCB, because they can help with the development of extra patient information materials. ValueProof then held a workshop to show how to create communications geared to different personas. The specialists found this extremely useful, as they often inform the patients themselves.


The recommendations are currently being implemented. ValueProof is involved in this too, working on communications projects at the hospital


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Tim Pellens
Managing Partner