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Technology and implementation

Reinders Oisterwijk


Reinders is a top-3 supplier of a wide range of school materials for primary schools in the Netherlands. Increasing customer size is changing the business environment it operates in from an advisory market into a tendering market. In anticipation of these changes, Reinders was looking for a digital strategy to shift sales online.


We developed an effective digital strategy at a workshop, during discussions with the client’s management team, marketers and salespeople. This strategy was then translated into a set of operational online tools. That included a smart web shop – when the school logs in, it is automatically offered the teaching packages it may need – as well as SEO-optimized pages and an e-mail marketing campaign. The process was supervised by a ValueProof implementation manager, working on-site at Reinders. This ensured that all ran smoothly and helped to embed knowledge of the digital process into the organization.


Within a period of 20 months, ordering shifted dramatically – from 60% offline to 90% online. The number of field and office salespeople has decreased by 50%.


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Tim Pellens
Managing Partner