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Preparing for the future with scenario planning

Does your management or brand team already have an unambiguous idea of what the future of healthcare will look like? Can your organization be agile and adapt to change? Scenario planning will help you create a game plan and build consensus within your organization.

Scenario planning

Your organization can prepare for the future, even if much seems uncertain. So the same applies now to the Covid-19 pandemic and all the uncertainty it brings with it. One possible scenario is increasingly centralized healthcare. But we may also have to deal with a new wave of the virus.
Organizations need to be prepared for all different scenarios. That’s how you stay in control rather than letting others lead the way.


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Tim Pellens
Managing Partner

Dynamic strategy development programme

We can help you. We have many years of experience with healthcare and know all about the market and its many players. In the last few months, we have developed a special programme for our clients to prepare them for the healthcare of the future.
The six practical steps in this Dynamic Strategy Development programme help you to devise a flexible long-term plan. And enable you to take action in time if a scenario starts to become reality.

Does your brand team need scenario planning? We can help you with that too, with a similar programme we’re currently developing. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

1. What to expect?

We review the uncertainties, and look into how your organization could act successfully in any scenario.

2. What can we learn?

What can you learn from innovative success stories in other sectors? We apply the principles of design thinking.

3. What can we do?

Digital seems to be the new normal. So together we come up with a detailed, digital idea that would work in any scenario.

4. How big is the gap?

Is your organization ready to make that transition? We take a good look at the people, resources and processes.

5. Make the roadmap

We plan action for the short, medium and long term. And create a clear dashboard to monitor developments.

6. Help

Every two months, we evaluate and make the necessary adjustments. So that we can quickly respond to any unexpected market developments.

Download whitepaper: 'How to prepare for the future after the potential (digital) transformation due to Covid-19'

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