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Impactful Writing

Every customer and every prospect will react differently to your communication with them. Your choice of words could trigger one prospective customer, while deterring another. The Impactful Writing workshop will show you how this works when you write an e-mail – the ideal tool for planning meetings with new prospects.

Benefits of the Impactful Writing workshop

  • Understanding of the influence of words on different personas;
  • Insight into the correct use of the principles of persuasion;
  • Knowledge of how to best structure e-mails;
  • More results from your e-mail traffic (conversion);

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Linda van Poppel
Customer Success Manager

I would like to express my appreciation for our contact moments and the training we have received. Your advice has been extremely valuable to me. Initially, I thought it was way too much work to spend so much time drafting emails, thinking about what someone cares about, what appeals to them, and so on. But it works, it has a positive effect. I receive more responses and get more appointments.
Drs. Judith Philippa

Account Manager Cardiovascular, Amgen