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Corporate story



How can ALK move its marketing communications from practical and product-led to emotive storytelling that appeals to a range of audiences? A corporate story is a powerful way to touch people and engage them with an organization’s vision. So ValueProof had to find the most compelling stories within ALK and tell them clearly and convincingly.


We held interviews and work sessions with ALK and got to the essence of why they do what they do: to show patients that they don’t have to just live with the symptoms of allergy. It’s something that patients don’t always realize, and healthcare professionals don’t always notice – many people don’t come back to talk about their symptoms. Because they think there’s nothing that can be done. ALK wants to show that living with an allergy can be surprisingly simple, even for people with severe symptoms. Working together, we created a number of patient stories that would be familiar to both patients and healthcare professionals.


Using patient ‘stories’ enabled ALK to talk about its role and mission in a different way. We developed several marketing materials, including a video presentation, each focusing on one of these familiar stories. Because that’s the story ALK wants to tell: that no patient has to just live with their symptoms.


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Tim Pellens
Managing Partner