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Communication: Positioning & Thematic Planning

Correct positioning of your communication ensures that your clients see you as a key opinion leader. You do this by communicating specifically on relevant topics that fit your brand or organization. We use a workshop session to determine together the relevant themes for inclusion in your annual plan.


Benefits of Positioning & Thematic Planning

Positioning & Thematic Planning of your communication ensure:

  • Logical application of your brand strategy;
  • Targeted, relevant communication;
  • Expression of your unique identity;
  • Claiming your position in the market;
  • Regular contact with your target group.


Kelly Sinterniklaas

Kelly Sinterniklaas


“If you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.”
– Paulo Coelho

Having identified the relevant themes, your team can start creating content. The Impactful Writing workshop will help you to get started.